August 31, 2008

Last night I made a few improvements to the battery box. All the corners are now rounded (sort of interesting moving a thing this size around on the router table...) and there is now a frame around the perimeter of the top of the box (this will provide a surface for sealing the lid up to, and also a place for the hardware for the lid).

Here is the box sitting just above the place it is supposed to go. In this picture I've already cut away some metal in the corners that was at the plane of the rear package shelf.

Another view of the same thing taken through the windshield.

James helped me to cut out the bubble of steel that covers the top of the gas tank. (No! not really! but we got him to pose holding the victim.)

It turned out that to cut that thing away it made a lot more sense to work from underneath, so I had to drop out the rear subframe again. I'm getting good at this -- the first time must've taken at least 3 or 4 hours, this time it was definitely less than an hour (I forgot to undo the lower bolts on the shocks again...)

While I was under there I found a few more gas-related items.

BTW, I've realized that the thing I identified as the fuel pump previously couldn't have been the fuel pump (it had no electrical connections). I wonder if one of these things is the fuel pump?

I'm guessing not.

That's a (hopefully) clearer view of the metal that got removed today.